5 Hacks to Jump Start Your Personal Brand

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Branding yourself on line is becoming more important these days with all of the social media options which are available and the low cost of entry to do it. For just a few dollars a month, anybody can create a professional looking website (getting professional content on your website is another thing) and build a… Read more »

Pillsbury Doughboy and Geico Shows the Fun in Co-Branding

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By now, most of you have probably seen the Pillsbury Doughboy featured in a Geico commercial. The ad was part of the Martin Agency’s latest “Happier Than … ” commercial series for Geico. As the story unfolds, the Pillsbury Doughboy attempts to sneak a deadly baking pin through security and a TSA agent tries to… Read more »

What Were Their Agencies Thinking? The 5 Cheesiest Tech Marketing Slogans

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I came across this article the other day and it reminded me of how great business ideas and strategic messages often get executed in the most unusual ways. Of course, companies are always looking for ways to message and express their brands, vision, and business aspirations in their advertising and strategic messaging to stakeholders like… Read more »