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I love infographics. If you are a visual learner ( like me), a well constructed infographic allows you to consume a lot of complex information at one time. It is for this reason that I like the Periodic Table of Content Marketing published by Chris Lake on the Econsultancy Blog. In this table, he recreates the format of the originalĀ Periodic Table of Elements. But instead of chemical elements, he creatively substitutes the content marketing elementsĀ needed to build a world class content marketing strategy. In his version, the element groupings include strategy, format, content type, platform, metrics, and three additional elements.

Check it out. You can find the original post here.

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Vincent Ferraro
Vince Ferraro is a creative general management executive who contributes his world-class, Fortune 100 marketing knowledge to infuse new revenue and market share growth strategies while maintaining profitability. His bold moves, competitive instincts, and experience working on three continents are the perfect match for a Consumer or B2B technology company with global ambitions.

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