Some Thoughts on Thought Leadership

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Steve Jobs Thought Leader Quote

This week I was I featured as one of 50 top marketing thought leaders in Brand Quarterly Magazine for 2015. (the complete list is at I am privileged to be part of such an illustrious list of talented and accomplished marketing professionals. All of the people mentioned are experts in their respective fields. It got… Read more »

The Fifth Annual CMO’s Agenda Executive Summary

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Recently, I had a chance to participate in a survey with CMG Partners on the future role of the Chief Marketing Officer. It is quite insightful and a good read. It’s a pivotal moment for CMOs. After five years of tracking lead marketers as part of our annual CMO’s Agenda™qualitative study, we believe it is time… Read more »

How to Mine Social Networks for Valuable Customer Data

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This month, Entrepreneur published an online article regarding data mining customer information in social media. Makes perfect sense, given the availability of our profile demographics, likes, and shares. Too many businesses approach their marketing activities in a haphazard fashion. They assume that if a certain promotional piece seems appealing to the company’s leaders, it’ll resonate as well with… Read more »

New CMO Council Report – Engage at Every Stage

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The CMO Council recently relased a report titled, Engage at Every Stage: Using Mobile Relationship Marketing (MRM) to Put More Interaction in the Hands of the Customer Report. To address this large and rapidly expanding market of underserved mobile users, The Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) Council along with the Mobile Marketing Association explored where and how a… Read more »

Repost: What Makes a Great CMO?

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Re-posting from Randall Beard’s blog about core competencies that make successful CMO’s (Chief Marketing Officers). The blog posting discusses key research from the executive recruiting firm, Egon Zendher International. As mentioned frequently in the C-Suite, CMO’s have the shortest tenure of any executive in the office of the CEO. So it is important for marketing executives… Read more »

10 Ways to Make Your Marketing Organization More Strategic and Effective

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10 Ways to Make Your Marketing Organization More Strategic and Effective One of the biggest challenges for marketing professionals is to determine how to balance their time to work on both tactical and strategic marketing activities and actions. Left to natural tendencies, most marketing people and teams will work on short-term activities that help drive… Read more »

The Zen of Marketing Management

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  Courtesy of Filomena Scalise / I was thinking about how, as marketers, we are so completely focused on end results, whatever they may be. We are obsessed about new product intro dates, pricing, social media impact, web site hits, sales, profit, market share, and the list goes on. We are whipped into a… Read more »

6 Product Strategies to Accelerate Business Growth Today

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6 Product Strategies to Accelerate Business Growth Today I want to devote this blog post to discuss alternative product strategies to accelerate business growth. Specifically, the 6 key product strategies we used to grow the business while I was at HP. A couple of key considerations are 1) that all of these product strategies approach new… Read more »

Competitive Differentiation – Does Your Product Strategy Have a Halo?

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What do Mercedes-Benz, Hewlett-Packard, Virgin Air, and Sony all have in common? They all develop and launch halo products as a way to differentiate their brands and products from the competition. What Are Halo Products? Halo products are specially developed products that feature advanced technology, capability, and are usually produced in limited quantities – typically… Read more »

Elements of a Successful Partnership

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If you haven’t already, sooner or later you will need to develop a business alliance or marketing partnership with another organization or company in order to deliver a product or service that is greater than what could be brought by your company on your own. Alliances and partnerships can take many forms. But the usual… Read more »