[Infographic] The Periodic Table of Content Marketing

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I love infographics. If you are a visual learner ( like me), a well constructed infographic allows you to consume a lot of complex information at one time. It is for this reason that I like the Periodic Table of Content Marketing published by Chris Lake on the Econsultancy Blog. In this table, he recreates… Read more »

Getty Images’ Announcement Shows Evolution of Digital Business Models

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Last week, Getty Images announced a significant change in how people will be able to access their vast library of stock photo images. This move is another example of how traditional businesses models transform as the world continues to move to digital content. With the changes they have made, Getty Images will allow certain types… Read more »

Pillsbury Doughboy and Geico Shows the Fun in Co-Branding

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By now, most of you have probably seen the Pillsbury Doughboy featured in a Geico commercial. The ad was part of the Martin Agency’s latest “Happier Than … ” commercial series for Geico. As the story unfolds, the Pillsbury Doughboy attempts to sneak a deadly baking pin through security and a TSA agent tries to… Read more »

6 Valuable Marketing Lessons I Learned at Eastman Kodak

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Much has been written about growing brands and businesses to new levels of success by CMO’s. Surprisingly, little has been written about how to manage a brand when a company and its products and services are in decline. Such was the case when I managed corporate and consumer marketing for Eastman Kodak as their global… Read more »

10 Ways to Make Your Marketing Organization More Strategic and Effective

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10 Ways to Make Your Marketing Organization More Strategic and Effective One of the biggest challenges for marketing professionals is to determine how to balance their time to work on both tactical and strategic marketing activities and actions. Left to natural tendencies, most marketing people and teams will work on short-term activities that help drive… Read more »

Does A Retro Product Strategy Really Work?

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DOES A RETRO PRODUCT STRATEGY REALLY WORK? Lately, I have been thinking about retro product strategies. You know, when companies maintain or introduce new products that are rooted in designs or use models of the past. I am not talking about products that are just a continuation of trendy or faddy products and categories from… Read more »

Repost: An Executive′s Guide To Social Media

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My colleague, Nathan Kievman, who publishes the blog, Linked Strategies, recently posted an informative guide for executives about social media and why some executives hate it so much. I really enjoyed reading his article. It highlights some of the challenges/concerns to adopting social media and marketing that top executives often have. While it is important to acknowledge… Read more »

CMO Council Releases 2010 State of Marketing Report

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The CMO Council State of Marketing Report, featuring the 2010 Marketing Outlook Audit, is the largest independent assessment of senior marketing executives today. This annual global benchmarking initiative undertaken by the Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) Council, gains insights into how senior marketing decision makers are managing marketing mix modeling, budget allocations and media mix spend, and investments… Read more »

CMO Council and BPM Forum Release ‘Collaborate to Innovate’ Study

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I recently had a chance to read an exciting new report that was released by the CMO Council on the current state of collaboration and how it impacts innovation within an organization with suppliers, partners, vendors, and customers. How do we, as marketers, lead the conversation to optimize the customer innovation and collaboration cultures inside… Read more »

Is Pricing Your Friend or Foe (Part 2)?

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Is Pricing Your Friend or Foe (Part 2)? In the last blog entry, we examined the roles of commodity vs. differentiated products, elasticity of demand, and relative market share play in pricing strategy. Now I would like to look at three more areas – your sustainable price premium, the use of product configurations, and participating… Read more »