Is Pricing Your Friend or Foe (Part 2)?

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Is Pricing Your Friend or Foe (Part 2)? In the last blog entry, we examined the roles of commodity vs. differentiated products, elasticity of demand, and relative market share play in pricing strategy. Now I would like to look at three more areas – your sustainable price premium, the use of product configurations, and participating… Read more »

Is Pricing Your Friend or Foe (Part 1)?

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Is Pricing Your Friend or Foe (Part 1)? Here is the scenario. It is the end of the quarter and your company is not making its numbers. With one month left in the quarter, your VP of Sales calls you up and pitches to you that the quickest way to recover sales is to cut… Read more »

The 6 Key Roles of Highly Successful Marketing Organizations

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I am late with this blog post, but I wanted to take some time to think about and define essential elements and functions world class marketing organizations exhibit. I may be biased because of the previous positions I have had at HP. But I believe the most successful marketing organizations and leaders create and blend… Read more »

What Apple’s New iPad Tells Us about Great Marketing

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This week Apple announced their much-anticipated iPad, a tablet-like device which has been described as a supersized iPhone, a shrunk down (or new form factor) notebook, or a competitive product with Amazon’s Kindle and other e-readers. At a base price of $499, the iPad has hit a price point to give people who want to… Read more »

2010 CES Innovation Awards and Product Development

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I am always inspired about who gets the coveted awards CES gives out to the most innovative products of 2010. This year is no exception. What these awards demonstrate is the variety of ways mature product categories can create innovative new products and customer appreciated value. Some of the examples I liked are the Nikon… Read more »

The Marketing Function as a Network

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My friend Andy Tallian (President and CEO) of MarketFrames Group, a marketing strategy and consulting company based in Portland, Oregon has done some nice work cracking the code of how to look at marketing as a network – not unlike other functions such as R & D, HR, and Finance. You see, most people look… Read more »