CMO Council and BPM Forum Release ‘Collaborate to Innovate’ Study

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I recently had a chance to read an exciting new report that was released by the CMO Council on the current state of collaboration and how it impacts innovation within an organization with suppliers, partners, vendors, and customers. How do we, as marketers, lead the conversation to optimize the customer innovation and collaboration cultures inside… Read more »

Putting the “S” Back into Your Marketing Communications

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Putting the “S” Back into Your Marketing Communications I know a great many people who do excellent marketing. Ask them to write a data sheet, deliver a positioning statement, key product messages, brief an agency, customer story, etc. and they will rise to the occasion by delivering excellent work. Their messages will be prioritized and… Read more »

What Apple’s New iPad Tells Us about Great Marketing

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This week Apple announced their much-anticipated iPad, a tablet-like device which has been described as a supersized iPhone, a shrunk down (or new form factor) notebook, or a competitive product with Amazon’s Kindle and other e-readers. At a base price of $499, the iPad has hit a price point to give people who want to… Read more »