Some Thoughts on Thought Leadership

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Steve Jobs Thought Leader Quote

This week I was I featured as one of 50 top marketing thought leaders in Brand Quarterly Magazine for 2015. (the complete list is at I am privileged to be part of such an illustrious list of talented and accomplished marketing professionals. All of the people mentioned are experts in their respective fields. It got… Read more »

Interbrand 2014 Brand Rankings: Apple Tops Best Global Brands Report

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Just out! New global brands ranking. Interbrand has released its Best Global Brands rankings for 2014, and once again, the list of 100 firms is topped by technology companies. Apple, valued at $118.9 billion, sits in the top spot, just ahead of Google at a price of $107 billion. Of the 100 firms on the… Read more »

[Infographic] The Periodic Table of Content Marketing

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I love infographics. If you are a visual learner ( like me), a well constructed infographic allows you to consume a lot of complex information at one time. It is for this reason that I like the Periodic Table of Content Marketing published by Chris Lake on the Econsultancy Blog. In this table, he recreates… Read more »

Getty Images’ Announcement Shows Evolution of Digital Business Models

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Last week, Getty Images announced a significant change in how people will be able to access their vast library of stock photo images. This move is another example of how traditional businesses models transform as the world continues to move to digital content. With the changes they have made, Getty Images will allow certain types… Read more »

How To Split Test Your LinkedIn Profile

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If you are like me, sooner or later you will look at your LinkedIn profile and decide what should be changed or edited to make your profile more interesting, popular and compatible with your professional objectives (e.g. finding a new job, networking, changing career, selling more, etc.) Did you know that you can use LinkedIn’s… Read more »

5 Hacks to Jump Start Your Personal Brand

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Branding yourself on line is becoming more important these days with all of the social media options which are available and the low cost of entry to do it. For just a few dollars a month, anybody can create a professional looking website (getting professional content on your website is another thing) and build a… Read more »

Pillsbury Doughboy and Geico Shows the Fun in Co-Branding

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By now, most of you have probably seen the Pillsbury Doughboy featured in a Geico commercial. The ad was part of the Martin Agency’s latest “Happier Than … ” commercial series for Geico. As the story unfolds, the Pillsbury Doughboy attempts to sneak a deadly baking pin through security and a TSA agent tries to… Read more »

6 Valuable Marketing Lessons I Learned at Eastman Kodak

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Much has been written about growing brands and businesses to new levels of success by CMO’s. Surprisingly, little has been written about how to manage a brand when a company and its products and services are in decline. Such was the case when I managed corporate and consumer marketing for Eastman Kodak as their global… Read more »

The CMO As Change-Management Operator

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I recently had a chance to participate in a panel discussion of CMOs as change-management operators at a recent event put on by IQPC CMO Exchange – Miami in January, 2013. From my perspective, there are two camps of marketing people – those that have a big “M” role and participate in the most fundamental… Read more »

The Fifth Annual CMO’s Agenda Executive Summary

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Recently, I had a chance to participate in a survey with CMG Partners on the future role of the Chief Marketing Officer. It is quite insightful and a good read. It’s a pivotal moment for CMOs. After five years of tracking lead marketers as part of our annual CMO’s Agenda™qualitative study, we believe it is time… Read more »